About Us

Chaotic Creations is a duo-team created by Snowieblend and WingedDiscordant.
Snowieblend (She/Her) joined VRChat in 2017 looking for an escape and some friends, she fell in love with the community and never left.
WingedDiscordant (Any/All) joined VRChat in 2021 during her senior year of Highschool during the Covid pandemic after becoming disconnected from her friends irl. After watching her friends customize their avatars, they were inspired to learn Unity work and figure out how to do it herself.
We both met each other on Discord in Janurary of 2022 after being introduced to each other by our common friend Darth. We soon met in VRChat and became best friends, running around causing chaos.
After learning that Snowie had blender knowledge, and Winged had Unity knowledge, in May 2023 we banded together and originally created content together on Gumroad under WingedDiscord's username. After the June release of The Dragon's Trio, we re-branded to Chaotic Creations, which is our dual-brand name we came up with to release conjointed content together.
During March 2024, Gumroad, Stripe, and Pay-pal began enforcing their rules against anti-NSFW content according to their terms of service. In light of this news, we made the decision to switch over to Shopify to continue being able to create avatars and do the things we love.