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Circlet Heart Tiara

Circlet Heart Tiara

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Snowie decided she wanted to try her hand at a tiara today, so here we are!
This tiara is FREE in our discord server, you should consider coming to join us < 3 -
There are 2 versions of the tiara, and neither of them are "low poly", unfortunately, but they are pretty!... it's worth something, right? Statistics listed in the pictures.
Buy getting the tiara, you get the FBX and a unity package that comes with pre-made poyomi 7.3 materials.

1. Do not leak this asset!! It is already on the cheap end of the spectrum and it is literally free in the server. Please just come say hi if you want it!
2. This asset can be used on any avatar paid, free, nitro, etc without permission, however..
3. You MUST credit this asset when used in any commercial project by giving the link to this listing and crediting us either as Chaotic Creations or snowie and wingedentropy
4. You can edit this tiara as you'd like, but you cannot resell it claiming it is yours < 3

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