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Cult of POWER: Tiara

Cult of POWER: Tiara

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We had a lovely friend named Power come and commission me and Snow for a Tiara made to represent himself as leader of The Cult of Power! ((We have permission to redistribute - cult of power branding belongs to Power himself))
This tiara has 5 materials, one per crystal, one for the prongs, and one for the actual tiara.
This is not necessarily a low-poly item but it does look cute! -- Wireframe and Statistics listed in the pictures!
Buying the tiara comes with the FBX and a unity project containing a few pre-made materials using Poyomi 7.3 Pro in multiple sizes.

1. Please do not leak this model to other people, it is a fairly low-priced asset! And we also run monthly sales, so come stick around in the discord server if you need it!
2. This item can be used on free, public, paid, and nitro avatars without permission as long as you have bought it from us.
3. If used on a commercial project, you must link back to this gumroad page and either credit us as Chaotic Creations or snowie and wingedentropy.
4. You can edit this tiara to your liking. You cannot, however, sell the tiara and credit it as your own.

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