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Demonic Kitty Icons for VRChat

Demonic Kitty Icons for VRChat

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Icon Colors

New Icons set!!
Originally Snowie asked me if i would make a red and black themed three-eyed demonic cat icon set for our upcoming dommy mommy avatar.
Of course, I couldn't just make a red version..

There are 4 different options listed below - 1 for the red and yellow icons, 1 for the pink and purple icons, 1 for the green and blue icons, and 1 for all of the icons.
With each version, you will be given a ZIP file containing a folder with the FBX's and a unity package with the icons already inside of it.
There are over 200+ icons per color.. yeah, i uhm, ...i got bored LOL.

1. You may not re-sell or replicate these by themselves, they MUST be attached to an avatar or otherwise used in a completed project.
2. Editing them is allowed as long as you follow rule 1.
3. These can be used on any avatar personal, commercial, nitro, free, etc as long as you have obtained them through this gumroad listing.
4. DO NOT LEAK THESE they are free in the discord for a reason!!

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