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Etheria the Snow Leopard

Etheria the Snow Leopard

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I knew I wanted to make a winter avatar that wasn't necessarily Christmas-y. And so.. here is my version of that!
This is Etheria, the Snow Leopard. She is very sparkly, tall, and fabulous for winter time! This is my second ever solo-avatar (I promise chaotic creations will continue making models together here soon.)
Etheria has two different skirts, thigh highs, shoes, heels, and different color radials for everything on her, for maximum customization!!!
She also has snowflake hand trails and crystal jeweled paw fans for our ADHD friends!!
This package uses Poyomi 7.3 PRO materials. And also uses DPS. So you MUST import these before importing Etheria into your package!!
This avatar IS quest compatible, BUT, I do not specialize in making quest avatars, the quest version is only functional enough so quest users do not see a fallback. Please know this avatar is made with PC in mind!!!
Also, BIG thank you to the wonderful VenoSqueak, owner of Club Ophio, for helping me with my showcase < 3
Fans Showcase:
MMD Showcase:
Full Toggle List : Bow, Sweater, Top, Rings, Necklace, Long Skirt, Short Skirt, Panties, Thigh Highs, Shoes, Heels, Trails, Fans, Fluff's DPS.

1. YOU MAY NOT RE-SELL KIARA, OR ANYTHING ON HER please support all the wonderful people that made her asset's by buying them yourself!!!
2. ETHERIA MAY NOT BE SHARED!! Please do not leak her files!! I run sales pretty often in my discord server, stick around for a sale if you need a discount!!
3. You MAY edit Etheria as you please, including adding logos, changing colors, etc. Just DO NOT RESELL HER.

Body - Zinpia
Head - Zinpia
Head texture - Yingyang
Body texture - Meowmi
Ears - Gell
Hair - Violiin
Heart Bow - zoxl
Necklace - vdotv
Rings - ryuji
Top, Sweater, Panties, and Thigh-Highs - Seis
Long frilly skirt - Kingshai69
Short bow skirt - yamuVR
Leopard Tail - Oliver
Heels - Sezzy
Vans - Plaz
Snowflake hand trails - xxuebi (edited by me)
Crystal Paw Fans - GM
Fluff's Toolbox - Fluff
Snowflake Icons - WingedDiscordant

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