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Iris V1 PC/Quest VRC avatar

Iris V1 PC/Quest VRC avatar

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Have you been looking for the soft alternative stoner girl of your dreams? Well here's your girl: Iris. Please do not buy if you don't have Unity experience! watch a few you tube tutorials and come back.
Iris is extremely customizable with both material swaps and color shifts for almost everything on the avatar, you can match anyone as you please.
ADHD? No worries! She comes with both a set of spring joints AND hand particles.
She can also be the pet of your dreams, will a full working set of DPS.
Iris's body uses Poi Pro but everything else is set to Poi Toon so you should have no problems swapping if need be.

Toggles include : Bodysuit, Long and Short overalls, Skirt, Vans, Boots, no shoes, Beanie, Glasses, Bracelets, Dab pen, Leg Garter, Chest Harness, Weed pasties, DPS, Collar, Headpat Dynamics, Hand Trails, Springjoints.

Mat Swaps: Skin Color (6 different shades), Bodysuit (12, 6 solid w pawprint, 6 with weed pattern), Overalls (Black + blue), Skirt (Opaque + Transparent), Vans (Black checkered, color checkered, white), Boots (White, Red, Black) Beanie (Black, red, white) Hair ( multiple colors) Fox Set (multiple colors).

Hue Shifts: Outfit (Body suit, Skirt, Collar, Garter together), Eyes, Hair, Fox Set, Overalls, Beanie, and Shoes

Import instructions: Open a new creator companion avatar project, import Poi (preferably pro) 7.3, and DPS, then the avatar.

UPDATE 5/16/2023 She's quest compatible! The quest version does not have the springjoints, dab pen, springjoints, or particles. She's kinda just there so questies don't see a fall back.

Terms Of Use:
Do not rip, steal, leak, or otherwise misuse my avatar OR the assets used to make it. Avatar creation takes lots of time and patience, please be nice and support our fellow creators. IF you are buying for a friend please make sure to enter their information.
CREDITS - Thank you to Snowie for help with Blender work, and Dr.David and Darth for participating in and creating the showcase video, y'all the best

Asset Credits---------

Hair - xSnail#2902

Combat boots - ultrahighgloss (No disc tag)

Skirt - RenaYamaki#8026

Socks - YesPleaseTy#2188
Bodysuit - Milky Mommy#6969 

Vans - Plaz#0891

Overalls - YesPleaseTy#2188

Rings - Rommi#0307

Spikey earrings - Ana_Ram (no disc tag)

Beanie - Nessy!#7402

Harness - KarmaVRC#9104

Weed pasties/ass print - Diiabeetuss#6609

Rings - Rommi#0307

Animal set - cockwee#0840

Piercings (taken from Nitro) - cockwee#0840

Choker - Val®#4773

Bracelets - avary#7795

Glasses - Kay (no disc tag)

Leg Harness - Nepnewp (no disc tag)

Body Text - Shino#5753 

Base - Pandabear (no disc tag)

Head - xSnail#2902

Eye texture - kri#1214

Hair Texture - Cicieaaa#7777

Dab Pen - minki#1515

Icons - Moo (no disc tag)

Springjoints - Twamy#0001

DPS Setup - fluff#5265

DPS - Raliv (no disc tag)

Mochie’s Shader - Mochie (No disc tag) (required for spring joints)
Locomotion - Franada (no disc tag)

Hand trail - Xxeubi (no disc tag)

Scaling system - ThatFatKidsMom#6462

VRC thumbnailer - imagitama (no disc tag)

Heart particles - not Sache#0255

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