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Kiara 3.0 VRC Avatar PC/Quest

Kiara 3.0 VRC Avatar PC/Quest

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Hi, WingedDiscord here, this is my first attempt at a Solo avatar since Izora V1 and i'm SOOOO excited to share her with yall!
Kiara is a halloween-centric hybrid with the cutest skeleton ears, double tails, and a piercing stare.
This package uses Poyomi 7.3 PRO materials. And also uses DPS. So you MUST import these before importing Kiara into your package!!
I DID MAKE A QUEST VERSION BUT I CANNOT PROMISE IT WILL WORK CORRECTLY it is mostly just there so the questies don't see a fallback. I specialize in making the PC avatars, just so everybody knows!!

Toggle video -
Showcase video -
1. YOU MAY NOT RE-SELL KIARA, OR ANYTHING ON HER please support all the wonderful people that made her asset's by buying them yourself!!!
2. KIARA MAY NOT BE SHARED!! Please do not leak her files!! I run sales pretty often in my discord server, stick around for a sale if you need a discount!!


Body - Zinpia
Head - Zinpia
Head texture - Sivka
Pigtails - Saikura
Ears/Tails - Whituu
Necklace -  lunariumlab
Top - SickyW
Body Texture - Bunny n Kitty
Skirt - YamuVR
Thong - Shizuki
Stockings - Yukina
Rings - Ryuji
Bracelets - Zokia
Boots -  nyellgelaev
Knife - MoBubbler
Batty Hand Trails - xxeubi
Cloud Icons - ChaoticCreations
Fluffs Toolbox

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