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Lovers Tattoo V2 for VRC ; Zin, Panda, and Peach

Lovers Tattoo V2 for VRC ; Zin, Panda, and Peach

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This was the best-selling thing on my gumroad, and I feel that it's only fair now that Chaotic Creations is a bit better off that I re-do this texture set and make it better < 3
This is Lovers, V2! Lovers now has hearts going down the right arm to match her leg, the "Princess" tramp-stamp is now in an actual font, and the hearts from the back has been replaced by wings with a heart centerpiece.
I had a lot of fun updating this texture, and I hope you guys love it even more then the original < 3
For the personal version, you can get the maps and textures by themselves, but for the Commercial version, it also comes with a unity package with some pre-set materials, just incase you'd like to be lazy < 3
Currently this texture is rearranged for Pandabear, Zinfit, and Peachanna bases. If you would like to see this texture on another base, please come join us in the discord and talk about it! We'd love to hear your feedback.
-----TERMS OF USE-----
1. Please do not leak or share these textures!! They are free for a reason!!
2. Personal version should only be used for personal projects and commissions, if you wanna sell it on a comm avatar, i ask politely ask that you spend the four dollars to support us and our avatar projects here at chaotic creations < 3
3. Commercial version can be used on any avatar free, paid, nitro, etc, given you are following the regulations of the base makers.
4. If you use these textures on a commercial avatar, please link back to this page and credit us as ChaoticCreations or snowie and wingedentropy
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