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Mikayla : The Pride Puppy Girl for VRChat

Mikayla : The Pride Puppy Girl for VRChat

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Yeah uh.. This avatar was supposed to be released back in June for pride month, but me and Snow may have misplaced some spoons this month.
Meet Mikayla, the pride puppy girl!
Mikayla is pride festival ready, she comes with plenty of facial gems, the cutest straps, and her game ready face!
She has 4 pride presets for her entire outfit, Ace, Trans, Bi, And Rainbow, her hair/ears/tail have 3 matswaps and a hue shift, and her eyes hue shift, along with 5 different skin shades.
Everything on her toggles off! Plus some DPS to toggle on, of course.
She also comes with sliders for both the boobs and her thiccness, for those that want a bit of control over their body type, not to mention a full size re-size.
She also comes with 2 tops and 3 bottoms, including fem boxers!
Thanks to Kitkatking for helping me with her photos!
!!This avatar is VERY POOR due to the material count, and will not be questified due to all of her shapekeys on the clothing!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Credits: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Shorts - freaking_cute#0001
Female boxers - OshenVR(no disc tag)
Tank top - xSnail#2902

Jeans - YesPleaseTy#2188
Fancy bra - RenaYamaki#8026

Vans - Plaz#0891

Puppy ears - Nessy!#7402

Glasses - Thursday#4588
Arm ribbon - minki#1515 

Pride belly rings - Elfie#4882
Pride bandaids - .Kanna - rakastan sinua#9999
Facial gems - Halies#0010

Facial gems 2 - sunnybun#0126
Hair - Saikura#0006

Puppy tail - Aantara(no disc tag)

Rings - B o o#8584
Pride leg straps - Snitchieio(No disc tag)
Collar -𝘣𝘶𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘶#4924

Wormie - MoBubbler(no disc tag)

Head textures - Oliver#8983
Face textures - Ying#6669

Head - Sugs#9795
Body - Sugs#9795

Body texture - Frenchies#0046Hand Trails - Xxuebi (no disc tag)
Rainbow nsfw toy - teacake#0840
Pride Expression Icons - Chaotic Creations
Pride Kandi Bracelets - Chaotic Creations
Heart Particles - Neyko-Nee#1001
Heart Springjoint - Neyko-Nee#1001

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