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Mixxie : VRC 3.0 Avatar

Mixxie : VRC 3.0 Avatar

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WOOOAAAHHH not me officially releasing Mixxie for the public, wwhhhaatt?
Okay okay, for those that don't know, there's a reason she is being released so late, but I'll leave that note at the bottom.
Mixxie is a gothic fox-girl that was originally commissioned by TheMixwaveSystem as a personal, but gave permission for her to be released as a commercial model.
Mixxie comes with hue shifts for every different thing on her, 5 different sock styles, and everything slides from black to color, so you can choose how goth you'd like to be day by day.
She has 2 different tops, a bodysuit and a tanktop.
She has 3 different bottoms, Boxers, Shorts, and Jeans
She has 2 sets of shoes, her shorter spiked boots and her long platform boots.
She has 2 different sets of tails, double tails and a long tail.
Overall, she's fully customizeable!
She also comes with 3 props, a knife, a springjoint, and a bat squishmellow. And a full set of DPS.
!! Mixxie is NOT quest compatible without your own blender/unity knowledge since you would need to replace her ears due to them requiring transparency.
Mixxie is also VERY POOR this is NOT an optimized avatar.
This avatar is using CC 2022 unity and has 1 Poi 8.3 material (is mostly 7.3 pro)
Now, for those curious, I started work on Mixxie back in November 2023 on and off when I wasn't working on Quincy,
In early Jan 2024, a pipe burst in my room, ruining half of my shit and leaving me to live in the living room instead of my own for a full two and a half weeks. Causing progress on Mixxie to hault.
I only recently came back to her and ended up upgrading her outfits and changing half of her toggles,
Her Showcase video was originally made PRE-room flooding so she has gotten some different materials/physbones since then. Her toggle video will be the more reliable source for her.

PLEASE READ MY T.O.S. HERE ON SHOPIFY. You may not asset mine, you may not steal assets, you may not leak assets or Mixxie herself for others.
Toggle showcase :
(OLD) Dance showcase :
Ears - Zinpia 
Hair - Aantara
Head - Nessy
Face Texture - Druidliss
Glasses - KasuallyKhaotic
Mask - MoonlightPeachh
Septum - yaradotexe
Collar - Nauuki
Rings - SockEmBopEm
Gloves - Cavity
Bracelets - Zokia
Bodysuit - TheThiccwitch#2396
Tanktop - Haywee
Jeans - yespleasety
Shorts - DarcyVR
Fem Boxers - Oshenvr
Double tails - Whittuu
Fluffy Tail - JorgenVRC
Stockings - Yukina
Thigh Highs - Shizuki
Platform boots - Zioketski
Short boots - Mitten
Body - Zinfit - Zinpia
Body Texture - francex64
Springjoint - pnkvrc
Bat Squish - TheThiccwitch#2396
Knife - MoBubbler
Fake Index gestures - Snow
DPS Setup - Fluff

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