Quincy 3.0 Christmas Avatar PC ONLY

Quincy 3.0 Christmas Avatar PC ONLY

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yes I know this is releasing on Jan 1st, my IRL job has kept me really busy and Snow got sick so I ended up fixing a lot of blender issues all by myself and ran into like a million problems with this avatar ; - ; BUT SHE'S FINALLY OUT AND THAT'S THE IMPORTANT PART.
This is Quincy! The 2023 Chaotic Creations winter holiday avatar.
She's got 3 different pre-set outfits (Onesie, Fur suit, and Skirt/Crop), a theme shift w an RGB toggle, A stripe slider for her thigh highs, a hair hue slider and dimension slider, a skin tone radial, Multiple accessories, Handtrails plus springjoints, and of course always a full set of DPS!!
I'm really, really glad she's done LOL
This avatar is VERY POOR and has PARTICLES you will need to remove if you want to use her for dancing
Rings and some clipping issues were fixed post showcases!!

This avatar is built in 2019 CC. You will need to import Poi 7.3 pro and Raliv DPS for her to work correctly.

  1. DO NOT LEAK THIS AVATAR OR ANY ASSETS INSIDE OF IT, me and all the asset creators work really hard to make the things we do!! Please go support them and buy the items individually. Also I run sales in my discord server about every month or two if you need her at a lower price!!

  2. 2. DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN THIS AVATAR but you MAY edit her in any way you like.
    Showcase's are all done by me, no help this time around!
    Nessy Head
    Zinpia Body
    Zinpia Body Texture
    Saikura Hair
    Minki Ears + Tail NITRO
    SockEmBopEm Choker/Cuffs/Garter
    BruisedPeach Crop Top
    YamuVR Skirt
    Peachannas Onesie
    Deimos Santababy suit
    Minki Arm Ribbon
    Shizuki Thong
    Shizuki Socks
    Medice Snow Particles
    Ghost Snowflake
    Prem Xmas Rings
    Minki Heels NITRO
    Premo Candycane
    Chaotic Creations Candycane Icons
    Fluff's DPS Setup

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